MyKidsStuff is a classifieds website or online “marketplace” site for buying and selling new and second-hand kids products.

Dedicated niche websites are shown to have better brands and better quality stock than mass marketplace websites that are cluttered and often full of non-specific products.

MyKidsStuff is 100% Australian-owned and Australian-operated. is Australia’s premier online marketplace for buying and selling new and second-hand kids stuff.

Launched in 2012, MyKidsStuff was established after the Australian owners identified a need in the marketplace for an online classified style website specifically created for parents and general consumers to buy and sell their kid’s clothing, toys, furniture and other goods. is unique in that it focuses solely on this section of the market.

All parents are familiar with deciding what to do with a wardrobe or garage full of unused items when the children grow out of their clothes, toys and furniture etc. On many occasions clothes and other items are still in near new condition because the kids simply grow out of them way too fast.

Parents in particular are time-poor and don’t necessarily have time to trawl through other unrelated items to find what they’re looking for, or, don’t have time to work through complex selling procedures and fees. is designed to be convenient, easy and hassle free to use.

– Specialisation – Australia’s only specialised website that is purely dedicated to selling second-hand and brand new goods relating to pre-birth, babies, toddlers, pre-teens and teenagers via classifieds.

–  Helping your hip pocket – In the current economic climate many families, more and more people are selling unwanted goods for extra cash, while equally as many buyers are looking for bargains. creates the perfect online marketplace for the Buyers and Sellers to achieve what they want to achieve.

The creators of have over 40 years of quality business experience between them, working in various businesses big and small – including other online businesses, ecommerce, marketplace and promotional websites.

They have also worked all over the world, including Australia, USA, UK and Europe.

Now they are dedicating their business expertise and worldwide experiences to concentrate on building into one of Australia’s most prominent websites.

– Extra Cash – Get some cash into the household by selling those old baby and kid’s goods that are no longer needed, or that your kids have outgrown.

– Clean Out Your House – Nearly every house in Australia (and the world!) has children’s toys and other goods that are not used, taking up space in your house. So search your cupboards, garage, attic, loft, and under the house, get online and start selling at!

– Dedicated Site – at all you will find here are buyers searching for goods relating to babies, kids and children. So they don’t have to search through everything else that to find what they really want, which is what you are selling!

– Your own “mini-website”
– on MyKidsStuff you will have your own mini-website so you don’t need to go to the hassle of finding a web developer, designing and building a website, paying $1,000’s for the build and design, paying for ongoing monthly hosting, paying for changes to your site.

– Clutter-Free Site – we have deliberately designed the site so it is clutter free and dedicating to selling second-hand / used baby and goods, making it easier for you so your ad won’t get lost amongst everything else.

– Branding – yet another way to get your brand out into the public and in front of dedicated buyers who are deliberately searching for products just like yours!

– Community – MyKidsStuff is building a community of like-minded entrepreneurs in the baby and kids market, just like you! 

– Save Money – Most kids products have been looked after well and normally half the price (or less) than the same product if bought brand new.

– Good As New – Some people receive so many gifts for their babies or children that often they are never used. Quite often there will be products advertised on that will still be in the box and never used.

– Dedicated Site – at all you will find advertised are goods relating to babies, kids and children. You won’t have to search through everything else that you don’t need or already have, to find what you really want.

– Clutter-Free Site – we have deliberately designed the site so it is clutter free and dedicating to selling second-hand / used baby and goods, making it easier for you to buy.

Seller Type

Private Sellers are those selling near-new or second-hand items.

Private sellers pay per item they sell.

Commercial Sellers are those selling more than one product

Commercial Sellers pay a monthly fee and have their own mini-website within MyKidsStuff where they can have branding, logos and other details about their business.

Unlike other auction style websites that have complicated selling fee structures based on the advert style and how much you sell for etc, etc…., we have 30 day packages that are simple and easy to understand:

Private Seller Packages (Mums & Dads selling secondhand goods):

$1.95 per item listed

Commercial Sellers (Retailers / Brands / Online Stores selling brand new products):

Unlimited Items + your own mini retail website for only $9.95 per month

And with each Commercial Seller package comes your very own mini retail website within the MyKidsStuff website that has your shop name or brandname, contact details and even your own banner logo!

Are the selling Costs difficult to understand?

No. Unlike many marketplace or classifieds websites, there is nothing difficult to understand about the selling costs. It’s either a one-off fee of $1.95 if you’re a private Seller, or $9.95 per month if you’re a Commercial Seller. Pretty simple!

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Yes. We are 100% Australian owned and operated.

No, we are purely online.

No, we have no association with them.